央视广告招标92.5627亿 美的博得头彩史玉柱亮相

央视广告招标92.5627亿 美的博得头彩史玉柱亮相

The Amount of CCTV Advertising Bidding Reached 9.25627 Billion RMB, Midea Won the Biggest Project and Shi Yuzhu Made an Appearance



Last evening at about 21:20, after more than ten hours passionate but rational bid, 2009 CCTV Prime Advertising Resource Bidding came to a successful end. The total amount reached 9.25617 billion RMB, increased 1.23627 billion RMB (15.4%) than the previous year. The total amount of 2008 CCTV Prime Advertising Resource Bidding is 8.02861 billion RMB.


The sector allocation shows that the amount and number of biddings won by the financial firms continue to increase. The livelihoods related industry such as food, beverage, medicine and consumer goods also had grown.


The geographic allocation of the winners is broader. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Jiangsu are the four provinces with most of the winners.


For over a decade, the CCTV Advertising Bidding has been regarded as the “barometer” of Chinese economic development. People particularly concerned about the economic prospects under the current global economic volatility, so the bidding in this year is especially high profile.


Midea Won the Bidding of 47.01 million RMB, Ju Ren Group Won the Bidding of 43.30 million RMB


According to the bidding rules, the bidding alternate between tenders with and without the enterprises’ names. The first result of bidding was the advertisement before the countdown in 2009 Spring Festival gala. The Cantonese enterprise Midea won the bidding without the enterprises names in the tender. The amount is 47.01 million RMB, increased 8.9% compared to the record of last year.


Shi Yuzhu from Ju Ren Group also came the scene. The first advertisement following CCTV news broadcasting had won at 43.30 million RMB by No.858, that is the Ju Ren Group. This bidding’s amount has been increased by 8.20 million RMB than in last year. Sichuan Langjiu Group won the exclusive naming right of “People’s favorite Spring Festival Gala” at 70.99 million RMB, which was 56 million RMB in last year. Shi Yuzhu was satisfied with the bidding result, and the deputy general manager told the press that this advertisement would be served by healthy industry instead of the game industry as the speculation.


NICE Group has spent 305 million RMB for the advertisement of the TV Drama Special Theater in next year


There has been the keenest competition between NICE and Mengniu yesterday. At 2:00 in the afternoon, the project “TV Drama Special Theater” started to bid. Many enterprises including No. 976, No. 106 and No. 399 have attended the competition. After over 40 rounds and nearly one and half hours, on 3:30, NICE Group had won the TV Drama Special Theater for the first half of year 2009 at 181 million RMB and second half of year 2009 at 124 million RMB, so as owned the special right for CCTV-1 Prime Theater for the next whole year. Its competitor Mengniu was also uncompromising. It competed the Prime Time Advertising Bidding and had won the first select right during the prime time at 44.89 million RMB.


The Companies from Central and Western Regions Have Been Doing Well


The first three rounds of CCTV Advertising Bidding were over at noon yesterday. The statistic of the bidding results showed:

1.      The advertisements after CCTV news broadcasting was the most popular and achieved steady growth based on the high number of last year;


2.      The performance of financial insurance investment industry was outstanding. Different types of financial enterprises including state owned and commercial enterprise have won some of the biddings, which indicates that the international financial crisis had limited influence on Chinese financial system. Chinese financial enterprises are strong enough to withstand risks. The prospect of Chinese financial industry is promising;


3.      The performance of medicine and healthcare industry driven by the good policy like new medical revolution was strong. With people’s living standard improving and people's health consciousness constantly enhancing, the domestic medicine and healthcare market has been expanding. The new medical revolution policy will provide the opportunity of consistently high growth and the market share of generic medicine sales will steadily expand as well, which will benefit the domestic brand medicine companies;



4.      The companies from central and western regions have been doing well, especially those from Guangxi and Yunnan. With the changing of global economic situation, domestic economy becomes more reliant on domestic demand instead of exports. In this process, the renewable resources with regional characteristic have great potential for development. In this respect, the western regions like Yunnan have unique advantages and great potential for development.